Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Just checked out this fun site and entered their giveaway! You should go do it now too! Lots of cute girly stuff!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to School....2010!!!

Tyler and Mikelle....so excited to be going into 2nd and 1st Grades!
Aren't they so cute? I love the posing....can't believe they are getting so big though!

Tyler's Baptism 6-5-2010

Daniel and Tyler
Getting ready to go in to the baptismal font...
Dad, Tyler, and Mom
I can't believe Tyler is 8 years old already....he is growing up so fast! We are so proud of him for getting baptized and being such a good example to his younger siblings! We sure love him!!! :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mud Pies....on your head?

Shae is not the best helper in the garden.....
She smeared mud all over her head while I was watering....
How can you resist that face?
We did finally get it all out of her hair....
She wouldn't take the bottle out for a picture....but at least she waved...ha ha!
All clean and ready for bed! Yea!!!

Send in the clowns....or the acrobats....

The kindergarten classes always put on a "Circus" program at the end of the year.....with Bicycle Bears, & Jugglers, & Elephants, & Super Hoopers, & Ready Ropers, & Clowns, & Acrobats, & Bareback Riders, & Tightrope Walkers, & Strong Men!

Mikelle eating breakfast....
Posing by the front door as she leaves for school....
Mikelle was an acrobat on the flying trapeze!!!
"We fly through the air with the greatest of ease!"
She also introduced one of the "acts"! Her part was "Our next act will surely make you laugh....here come the clowns!!!" It was so cute!
Mikelle and Addie
 Mrs. DeMille and Mikelle
Mikelle, Shae, and Austin having cookies and punch after the circus!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tyler's 8th Birthday! (Shae and the vacuum)

As soon as she hears the vacuum go on....shaelynn comes running! Have you ever heard of a 1 year old that loved vacuums? None of my other kids liked them.....most of them were scared of it!
Well she likes to come put her mouth on the little light on the front.....I think she likes to feel the vibration! Anyway....just thought this was too funny!
Shae and Austin were happy to help make Tyler's birthday cake! At least they were happy to help lick the beaters and bowl clean! :)
Yummy cake batter!!!
I love this cute little face....I also love that she says "cheese" now when you take her picture!
Austin is definitely my big helper these days.....he loves to help take care of his little sister!

Tyler turned 8 on May 4th! I can't believe he is getting so big.....where did the time go?
He will be getting baptized this next month and starting cub scouts! Yikes!
Tyler invited 10 friends over for cake and punch and presents and games!
They played on the trampoline most of the time! Thanks Grandma.....it is definitely the new favorite thing!!!
They also did a water balloon relay race that ended up in a water balloon fight! Then we tossed footballs into the football net! Tyler was thrilled to get 7 new bakugans for his birthday among other fun stuff! :)
Happy Birthday Ty! We love you!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We have a winner!!!

I currently have 109 hairbows!!! But I am in the process of making more.....cause I totally need them....ha ha! I guess I'll just have to eliminate again! :) So that makes our winner ~ Dianna ~ with her guess of 106! Since I didn't post a picture of the prize at the beginning I decided to let the winner choose between these 4, since it would stink to get something lame or that you don't need! :) So leave a comment and tell me which one you want!

*Just a reminder: The blog address for the flowers and baby stuff is www.fromheadtotoesbuttonsandbows.blogspot.com I put some new stuff on there so go check it out!